For years, Marie d’Argan has been committed to reveal the best ingredients that are part of the daily beauty routine of women. Behind the sublime products made with argan oil, diamond dust, or pomegranate, a wonderful fairy-tale is hidden.

Marie d’Argan was born in travels, discoveries and a great love story. Let yourself get immersed for this chemistry…

A scientist

In Essaouira, Yasmine was studying, a scientist who knew the smallest secrets of her land.

Being from the city, she went deep in the heart of the Berber women in the region to achieve her discoveries.

An encounter

One day, as she was exploring those lands, the young scientist was surprised to run into Edouard, a french researcher adventuring the very heart of Morocco to explore the world and its infinite beauty.

This meeting between Yasmine and Edouard was indeed a revelation: there was no doubt that destiny had united them, and from that day on, they were bound for an unconditional love. The couple enjoyed a wonderful life and was unaware that its days would be disrupted.

A heritage

Among the villages of Agadir and Essaouira, there lived two Moroccan families whose fortunes were highly respected.

However, a birth occurred that risked one of the families heritage, and an improbable event would take place…

An event

One day at the Essaouira market, while Yasmine and Edouard bought spices, they caught a glimpse of a woman leaving a basket from which a cry emanated. Intrigued by the situation they decided to approach  to discover the face of an angel with big blue eyes.

Right away, they understood they will be parents of a girl… It was a heaven-fallen gift they will name Marie.

Yasmine was a natural mother, but she soon was burden with tiredness and she lost her shine. That was the spark that led them to focus their energy to find remedies for Yasmine to get her shine back.

A secret

They began to study a legendary and secret tree, laying only on Moroccan land, which Berber women had whispered the secret to them: The argan tree. The oil extracted from the seeds of this ancient tree had fascinating properties: regeneration, moisturizing and vitamins… This oil, mixed with other ingredients had an absolute efficacy.

Yasmine y Edouard, aware of their discovery, decided to honor their new life as parents naming this powerful bottle: Marie d’Argan.


A discovery

This discovery was an incredible revelation for the scientist and the researcher. This quest had just begun. They started their first workshop in France, country of cosmetic art, and more presicely, Paris, City of light. They wished they could revolution the world of beauty with their effective methods.

The couple took Marie, everywhere with them, East and West, they found ingredients with many benefits: Aloe vera, cypress, pomegranate, Damascus rose…  

The quest

Their love to Africa extended trough Asia and Latin America: Guarana, jojoba, gold, diamonds. There was nothing that could be hidden to them!

The expansion

Marie d’Argan was not a simple bottle, it became a brand offering a wide range of luxurious natural actives for the enjoyment of women.

Marie d’Argan perpetuates the virtues of a man and a woman in search of excellence creating high-end cosmetics for exceptional clients.

Marie d’Argan inspires every day more and more women around the world who wish to preserve their luminosity.