During the creation of their first Argan oil bottle, Edouard and Yasmine got to set the principles of Marie d’Argan’s mission. This mission goes on today on the unconditional desire to give luminosity back to women thanks to its luxurious natural products and their prodigious healing properties.

Marie d’Argan wishes above all to reveal the meticulous work of Berber women cooperatives in Essaouira, who allowed to maintain the social and feminine heritage of the brand.

Nowadays, Marie d’Argan designs its products with a unique combination. Made in France, our products care for the environment and maintain the original legacy of the brand.

Through its experiences, diversity of ingredients and innovation, Marie d’Argan proposes a new cosmetic line with a combination of exotic textures : pearl, serum and oil.

The use of our creams and serums is a unique sensory experience that offers comfort and effectiveness for all types of skin with antioxidant, regenerating and moisturising properties.

The will, altogether with the brand experience, has allowed the luxurious world of high-end cosmetics with precious actives being accessible to all.

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  • Innovation at the service of ecology and heritage

Marie d’Argan wants to provide women with real solutions through their products that protect the skin against the effects of time in order to preserve its luminosity and beauty. All this is done with a great respect towards the environment using non-harmful ingredients to preserve the heritage of our planet.

Marie d’Argan implements a system of continuous improvement for the design of its products taking into account the biodegradability and the origin of the ingredients that make up the formulas. The partners that operate together with the company are meticulously selected according to demanding criteria.

The environmental actions of Marie d’Argan are accelerated by increasing the awareness of each employee regarding daily ecological actions and committed and transparent actions. When designing their cosmetics, each employee is informed about the choice of suppliers, the ingredients and the production of containers and packaging.

  • A human and responsible company

The Marie d’Argan care range is entirely designed in laboratories with a human dimension to preserve the principles of the brand and the family scale. That is why all our products can be traced from the selection of raw materials to delivery to your home under our care. The packaging of each product is imagined and designed within our equipment.

The vision and the constant perseverance of Marie d’Argan encourage us to always be innovating to offer pioneering and avant-garde products. Each collaborator contributes to the creativity for the elaboration of new care, this passion takes our teams to increasingly creative projects.

Human relationships with employees, suppliers and customers are based on trust and exchange.

  • Luxury at your fingertips with fairer prices

Marie d’Argan decided to adjust her advertising and marketing expenses so as not to affect the cost of her products, which allows her to offer quality care at a fair price. The desire to make our luxury products more accessible is a true intention based on the principles of the company.